In recent years, I’ve found myself fascinated by the sciences that I didn’t have the opportunity to learn and experience back when I was in school and university (high school circa 2002 and college 2007).

The Universe. Astrophysics. Quantum Physics. The Electromagnetic Spectrum. Black Holes. String Theory.

I’ve been particularly enjoying the topics related to the cosmos.

I’m currently reading The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos By Brian Greene, and it’s so much fun to learn. We understand so much about the way the universe works, but we it is only a fraction of what’s really out there. The book describes the physics leading up to the theories of multiple universes. Parallel universes. Super string theory. Brane worlds.

I’m loving this.

Here’s a bit of poetry and song, inspired by the current-state of the Theory of Everything.

Music by me.

Vocals by my A.I. creation. (AWS Polly)