Just some quick thoughts...

A news stream. A news feed.

I use Feedly for nearly all my news today. It's an app on my phone and browser that aggregates a few dozen of my chosen news sources. I've chosen diverse news sources, focused on trusted sources but also those that veer left and right. I like to have perspective--whether I agree with it or not. I’ve been considering upgrading to the paid version of Feedly. There’s not enough time in the day to focus on the things we need to focus on.

Too many unnecessary, difficult to schedule, difficult to focus-on meetings. Too many things to do. How do we prioritize?

We can prioritize what we focus on.

What we read.

I've had the benefit of being able to do this for a long time. Up until 2013, Google Reader was one of my primary tools for staying informed. It was powerful. You can create and combine search topics, and "subscribe" them. So you're following your specific interested. For me at the time: “Punk Bands” and “Los Angeles”. Not from any specific website or news source. Just--everything indexed by Google. It was great.

That's powerful.

I’m realizing now—Google News Reader was shut down as a free service, because it was too powerful to be free. Now, its core services are offered by Google as a Web Service.

If every meeting was data-planned—we’d have a lot less need for wasteful meetings. We would know how to better prioritize our days. Instead we're left with educated guesses.

How much better would it be to having data supporting your every need?

There are meetings that matter, of course. Discussion and debate is crucial.

We need to be able to answer data-related questions in hours/days. Not weeks/never. We need to reduce redundancy. We work on a lot of things every day. We should have a daily stream of personally curated insights—to inform our days. Tweaked to each person’s, personalized interests.

Talk about a bubble though.